Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What makes you happy?

I think I live a pretty uncomplicated life because I chose it.  My life style is not to everyone's liking but then it is mine not theirs!  I choose the simple things as I don't do stress, rush and panic at all well, something I have learned over the years.  I try not to sweat the small stuff but sometimes on the odd occasion things do get to me.  Thankfully I own a camera and a lovely garden!

I prefer to be amazed by Mother Nature than try to work out the strangeness of my own mother and my eldest sister.  In the garden I can think about the beauty of the plants and wonder at the pallet of colours that get used.  Plants just grow, they do their best to survive no matter what is thrown at them.  When I die I want to come back as a plant, one that keeps popping up in someones garden to give pleasure each year, how awesome would that be.  That or a cat like my Tex with a cruisey owner like me!

Because I love my garden so much and recycling I went and collected these 5 absolutely enormous slices of very old tree that I bought off trade me for $5 each.  I lifted and rolled these buggers across the persons lawn and then lifted them into the back of my station wagon.  I still have muscles!!  Then I had to do the same when I got home.  I could have sore arms tomorrow, but then again I may not.  These are going to be fabulous stepping stones out the back on the bark gardens.  I may go get more but will take TOF because the others I want are even BIGGER!!  The bark is covered in lichen and there are over 20 odd rings so this was one lovely old tree that will live on by being re purposed in my garden.

Even tho today is grey and slightly wet, it is still warm and the colour of the flowers is enough to brighten my spirits and this dull day.  My garden, my simple life and the family I have created, and the good friends I have collected over my life are what make me HAPPY.

So another quote from the good Doctor seems appropriate today:


Helga! said...

Ah, nature and animals are so much easier to deal with than people at times!!!
Crikey girl, you certainly do have muscles! Ooo, those slices will make brilliant stepping stones, and they'll get all lovey and mossy and break down beautifully!
I've actually got some veges growing, incidentally. I should wax lyrical about them sometime!
What makes me happy?! Hmm, changes a lot, but at heart it's having good, loving people around me, a comfortable home and my darling pookies! O, and a fabularse wardrobe!!!

Sandra said...

you have a beautiful garden! love the wood stepping stones, you are a strong woman! how fab does it look though, flaming good idea, quite fancy it myself! we put bug hotels in our garden and we have had a flurry of ladybirds, so cool!
your life sounds perfect to me, I think simpler the better because you get to enjoy the important bits, I can't be doing with mad tizzes anymore, I like it nice and easy too x x

Vix said...

You should come and do our garden. Jon's knees have gone and I've no strength whatsoever!
What makes me happy - spending my life with people I love, knowing I've a trip to India in the pipeline, my cats and sunshine! xxx

Vix said...
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Serenata said...

We put some logs like that in our garden...just beware they get very slippery when it is wet...or at least they do here!