Monday, 28 October 2013

Work in progress is now complete.

I got to thinking the other day when TOF and I were doing the gardening, on how I was going to raise the money to buy the bark I needed.  I hate half finished projects so a big light went on above my head!!  Out came the water blaster and I tidied up an outdoor table and chair set that I had been intending on selling on trade me.  Within in half an hour of it being listed for sale it was SOLD!!  Talk about success!!

This is the photo I took to sell the table and chairs, all in the dressing to sell I feel, and I got the $120 for it that I was after, so I was totally stoked.  The people came over today from Tauranga (about and hour and a half drive) to pick it up.  With cash in hand TOF and I went to Captain Compost and got 3 scoops of black bark.

So good to have finished this little gardening project.  We have a nice bit of lawn left and now we have a very low maintenance and interesting back garden.

The Giant Feet paver stones look great and more potted plants no doubt will join what is already there.

This spot is looking decidedly boring but I want to dig out the Bird of Paradise when it has finished flowering.  I am going to break it up and re plant it in pots.  It will give us better access to this part of the garden too.  Don't the flowers look stunning even before they are in full bloom.

TOF and I are now having a rest after our hard work, he is having a snooze and I am chilling out doing this!! 

Last word goes to my garden:


Misfits Vintage said...

Ooooh I am so envious of your beautiful garden! Congrats on selling the fab outdoor setting (and so quickly) - it was no doubt due to your FABULARSE styling. Now, how to get you over here to work on my bit of dirt???

Sarah xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Wow that looks great! Good job well done :D If you have a bird of paradise to spare I wold be interested :D It reminds me of our holiday in Tenerife many moons ago :D

Serenata said...

Wow that is a result! Looks great.

Sandra said...

ooooh! aren't those lightbulb moments excellent! well done on getting a great price and your garden looks fabulous!! those big feet are so cool! and I love the quote 'thoughts grow freely as the flowers' - I'm off now to google a Bird of Paradise flower (you are educating me!) x x

Sandra said...

Bird of paradise it is! it actually looks like a beautiful bird! I've never seen anything like it before x x

Vix said...

Well done, that's brilliant! Your garden looks incredible! x

Helga! said...

Nice selling, how exciting that it went so quickly!!! O, the garden is looking, I won't show the pix of mine, they're just embarrassing by comparison!!!